Master Of Divinity Degree

Master of divinity degree – Flight program degree – A bachelors degree in psychology.

Master Of Divinity Degree

master of divinity degree


  • the quality of being divine; “ancient Egyptians believed in the divinity of the Pharaohs”
  • deity: any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
  • The study of religion; theology
  • The state or quality of being divine
  • A divine being; a god or goddess
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  • Acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art)
  • maestro: an artist of consummate skill; “a master of the violin”; “one of the old masters”
  • Make a master copy of (a movie or record)
  • chief(a): most important element; “the chief aim of living”; “the main doors were of solid glass”; “the principal rivers of America”; “the principal example”; “policemen were primary targets”; “the master bedroom”; “a master switch”
  • Gain control of; overcome
  • be or become completely proficient or skilled in; “She mastered Japanese in less than two years”


  • A stage in a scale or series, in particular
  • a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; “a moderate grade of intelligence”; “a high level of care is required”; “it is all a matter of degree”
  • The amount, level, or extent to which something happens or is present
  • A unit of measurement of angles, one three-hundred-and-sixtieth of the circumference of a circle
  • a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process; “a remarkable degree of frankness”; “at what stage are the social sciences?”
  • academic degree: an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study; “he earned his degree at Princeton summa cum laude”

master of divinity degree – Divinity of

Divinity of Doubt: The God Question
Divinity of Doubt: The God Question
Vincent Bugliosi, whom many view as the nation’s foremost prosecutor, has successfully taken on, in court or on the pages of his books, the most notorious murderers of the last half century—Charles Manson, O.J. Simpson, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Now, in the most controversial book of his celebrated career, he turns his incomparable prosecutorial eye on the greatest target of all: God. In making his case for agnosticism, Bugliosi has very arguably written the most powerful indictment ever of God, organized religion, theism, and atheism. Theists will be left reeling by the commanding nature of Bugliosi’s extraordinary arguments against them. And, with his trademark incisive logic and devastating wit, he exposes the intellectual poverty of atheism and skewers its leading popularizers—Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins.

Joining a 2,000-year-old conversation which no one has contributed anything significant to for years, Bugliosi, in addition to destroying the all-important Christian argument of intelligent design, remarkably—yes, scarily—shakes the very foundations of Christianity by establishing that Jesus was not born of a virgin, and hence was not the son of God, that scripture in reality supports the notion of no free will, and that the immortality of the soul was a pure invention of Plato that Judaism and Christianity were forced to embrace because without it there is no life after death.

Destined to be an all-time classic, Bugliosi’s Divinity of Doubt sets a new course amid the explosion of bestselling books on atheism and theism—the middle path of agnosticism. In recognizing the limits of what we know, Bugliosi demonstrates that agnosticism is
he most intelligent and responsible position to take on the eternal question of God’s existence.

Rev. Candy Holmes

Rev. Candy Holmes
Rev. Candy Holmes brings to MCC rich perspectives and insights stemming from her spiritually diverse and musical life experience. From her Baptist, Pentecostal, and Interfaith background, she has honed gifts and skills of musical direction, healing, preaching, diversity work, event planning, and program administration. In addition, Candy has been a leader in weaving these same abilities with social justice and ecumenical endeavors in the local community and nationally.

While enjoying an information technology management career within the Federal Government with the Government Accountability Office, Rev. Holmes passionately pursues a multi-faceted ministry and has been part of the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) for over 21 years. She is both an ordained Interfaith minister (graduate of The New Seminary, New York, NY) and MCC clergy. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree (Episcopal School of Divinity).
In light of her role as a Federal employee and someone who is passionately concerned with equality in the work place, in 2009 Rev. Holmes was called upon to witness the signing of a Presidential Memorandum by President Obama that extended some benefits to the same-gender domestic partners of Federal employees. She was also invited to testify before Congress on the merits and need for legislation (Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act 2009) that would extend full benefits to same-gender domestic partners of Federal employees.

Rev. Holmes’ passions include ecumenical and diversity work, healing ministry, conference planning, organizing liturgical/worship efforts at local, denominational, and interfaith levels; and serving on the MCC People of African Descent Advisory Council. She has participated in successfully organizing various MCC and ecumenical conferences. One of Candy’s passions is participating in the People of African Descent Conference and she has served in varying leadership roles with the Conference for over 10 years. It has been her honor to be the Chair for the MCC People of African Descent Conference (PAD) for two successive sessions.

Rev. Holmes’ ministry also includes healing through music. When called upon musically, Candy guest directs, conducts music clinics and assists churches to enhance their music ministries/programs. She has guest conducted choirs for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Capital Campaign Dinner with President Bill Clinton, the HRC Millennium March Equality Rocks Concert, Janet Reno at the World Aids Day Memorial (U.S. Justice Department), the Mothers Against Drunk Driving International Conference, National Cathedral Concerts, MCC World Jubilees, MCC Regional and mini conferences, MCC People of African Descent Conferences, The Fellowship, and various MCC churches. She has also worked along side such music notables as Chaka Khan, Roberta Flack, George Michael, Randa McNamara, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Bishop Carlton Pearson, Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus; and MCC music notables, such as Rev. Delores Berry, Marsha Stevens, and Jason and deMarco. In light of her wide breadth of skill and abilities, Rev. Holmes has served as Worship Coordinator and Music Director for various MCC conferences and ecumenical events.

Rev. Holmes has been involved with healing as a ministry for most of her adult life. Because of her passion for healing she is frequently called upon to lead healing prayer services, and to discuss healing in a broader perspective and as a way of life.

Regardless of the aspect of ministry, Rev. Candy is engaged, energized, and excited with doing what the Divine has placed within her hands to do. Whether planning a conference event, conducting a workshop, preaching, leading a healing service, or supporting a local church’s music ministry; you will find Candy happily working out her mission and motto – “Be the change you want to see.” She has been a part of MCC since 1987. Candy is a native Washingtonian, currently residing in Laurel, Maryland and is a member of New Covenant, MCC. Her life-partner is the Rev. Darlene Garner.


The Reverend Larry Z. Brown was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and is the son of Arnett and Yvonne Brown. He has one brother and two sisters (Arnett Jr., Marty and Toni). Reverend Brown attended Ohio State University where he played football under Woody Hayes and graduated from Franklin University with a degree in Engineering. Upon receiving a call to Colorado, he entered and graduated from Denver University with an MS degree. He also is a Master Electrician.

Reverend Brown has a Masters of Divinity degree from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in Mill Valley California and is currently finishing his Doctorate of Ministry degree. He holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy. He serves on many community boards but has a heart for homeless and youth. He is active in several community activities: Co-Chair of the Colorado Coalition of Faith, founder of the Circle of Hope project, treasurer of the Aurora Community of Faith, Chair of the Aurora Action Committee, serves on the Bd. of Directors for the Salvation Army, Bd. of Director’s for the Red Cross, Aurora Warms the Night, Honored by Governor Bill Owens for his work with the Katrina Evacuees, Member of the Mayor’s 10 year Homelessness committee and others.

Pastor Brown has worked with youth and gangs for the past 10 years. He is presently working with The Youth project which is a youth intervention program for at-risk youth. The youth mentoring project takes at-risk youth and provides counseling, community service work and education to youth who may be in or headed towards gang activity.

Pastor Brown was also instrumental in starting the Rebound program in conjunction with the Aurora Public Schools, Community College of Aurora, and the Ombudsman program. The Rebound program takes youth who have dropped out of school and gives them a second chance to not only earn their high school diploma but also college credits.

master of divinity degree

master of divinity degree

Two Worlds 2
Taking place shortly after the events portrayed in the first Two Worlds, The Temptation takes place in Eastern Antaloor, in the regions surrounding Oswaroh and the Drak’ar Desert. Featuring as much content as the original, Two Worlds: The Temptation will feature more intricate missions, improved voice-overs and animations, retooled horseback riding, completely revamped combat, and a new game engine that delivers visuals that have to be seen to be believed.

Return to the vast world of Antaloor in Two Worlds II. Building upon the original game, Two Worlds II offers the willing adventurer a unique and thrilling RPG experience unrivaled in the current RPG landscape. Two Worlds II features a completely new game engine pushing hardware to its limits, as well as a revised combat system, new enemies, improved animations and an enhanced AI and multiplayer support. This combined with the extremely detailed, interactive environment will be sure to make Two Worlds II a must-have title for RPG fans.
Two Worlds II logo
After the downfall of Aziraal, God of Fire, the Dark Lord Gandohar has nearly achieved his objective to disrupt the balance between the elements. Dark magic surges into the land to fill the void. Recognizing the potential for complete control over the dark powers, Gandohar starts to use the power of Aziraal trapped within Kyra, the descendant of the Orphans. Despite her ancestry, Kyra cannot endure the strain. With Antaloor already in his clutches, Gandohar concocts a new plan from his stronghold in Oswaroth, yet there are still those who struggle against the tyrant, hoping to shift the balance of forces in their favor. Five years have passed since dramatic events brought the whole world to the edge of the abyss. “The Hero” is a prisoner in the dungeons of Gandohar’s castle. His hopes of saving his sister vanished with his freedom. Just as despair threatens to overcome him, hope comes from where he would have least expected. The Orcs, a race the Hero had always hated, have put together a rescue squad that frees him from his bonds. He emerges into a land desecrated by evil. He embarks on a journey to shed light on Gandohar’s dark past, hoping to discover a weak point in his enemy’s defense. If he fails, he will lose his sister forever.
Dual wielding swords against multiple skeleton enemies in Two Worlds II

A new and improved flexible attack system.
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A beautifully rendered moonlit scene from Two Worlds II

State of the art graphics with the Grace Engine.
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Two Worlds II is a perfect blend of classic and innovated RPG features, atmosphere, and technology. A complex quest system and an exciting main story draw you into the world of Antaloor, made richer by secondary quest scenarios. Rich gameplay and engaging atmosphere propel the story and captures attention, promising danger and exploration throughout the many quests and video sequences. Enhanced AI, balancing standards, experienced authors, an active combat system, the innovative “Demons Magic” management, and the “Papak Alchemy System” guarantee enjoyment for new and experienced gamers. An artistic system of attack and defense moves has been integrated into the game. Parries and changing hit results creates a real opportunity for tactics and excitement, as the AI engage in combat and employ strategy of their own. The game also offers extreme flexibility in the weapon and armament design possibilities. The cornerstone of this is the newly created “Craft Tool.” With this players can break down items into their basic materials and create new unique items. Two Worlds II is also graphically superb. The powerful Grace engine offers technological highlights such as an unlimited number of dynamic light sources, 24 bit HDR post-processing, and Real Eye Adaptation. It will drastically reduce loading times, improve general game performance, and enable full gameplay with only moderate hardware requirements.
Key Game Features
A flexible combat system with variable attack moves, parrying and special tricks.
State-of-the-art technology, thanks to a powerful Grace engine and special tools.
Lots of mini-games for breaking up gameplay.
Intuitive user interface for the Demons Magic system and the Papak Alchemy system.
Mercenaries and magically-created beings accompany the player.
Complex object management with movable and usable items.
The special Craft Tool enables individual configuration of armor and weapons.
Many boss opponents, including special combat strategies and unique rewards.
Flexible MoSens system guarantees realistic everyday and combat movements.
Various ways of moving, like walking, running, sprinting, riding, swimming, sailing and teleporting.
Captivating background story with numerous cutscenes.
Extensive multiplayer options including building/setup simulation.

Additional Screenshots:
Talking with an NPC in Two Worlds II

Tool crafting abilities.
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A dinosaur like creature on a rampage in Two Worlds II

An extensive bestiary.
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Battling an enemy in close quarters in Two Worlds II

Multiplayer options.
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Bowman taking aim in unison in Two Worlds II

Mercenaries and magic.
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